Frequently Asked Questions

1. Consultation:
A short interview about your body condition will be made each time.
If it’s the first time, there is a health form for you to fill in.
Feel free to express your consideration such as previous injury, surgery, accident, experience, state of the body after the last session etc. Along with your personal process, we discuss about your individual goal.

2. Visual analysis:
After changing clothes, through a short observation of your standing from 4 sides (front&back, right&left), your movement such as walking, breathing, knee bend, etc., a Rolfer™ can analyze your structure and movement pattern. It is also for client to make a time to bring consciousness towards own body.

3. Manual work:
The client lies on a massage table or sits on a chair. Rolfer™ applies precise pressure to the fascia using hands and elbows. During the work, you may be asked to take a deep breath or make slow movements. This way, the client can participate in session actively (instead of passively).

4. Re-analysation:
At the end of session, we analyze again your body in standing and in motion.
Same as the beginning, client brings consciousness to the body and experiences the changes in the structure and movement.

To work directly on the skin is optimum, so that a Rolfer™ can feel the different layers of fascia easily and work on them most effectively.

Therefore, clients usually wear underwear, separated swim wear, sports bra & shorts. While working on the table, blankets are available so that you feel more comfortable and warm.

If you feel ill, you should consult a doctor. Rolfing® is not suitable for certain conditions, such as inflammatory diseases, tumors, aneurysm and phlebitis.
Caution is advised in cases of osteoporosis, cancer (including the period less than 5 years after healing), arteriosclerosis, mental disorders and long-term cortisone use. Please ask your doctor if Rolfing® is appropriate as your alternative body work.

When your body senses the need, it’s the right timing to go for it.

In a Rolfing® session, we work together in the presence of your body awareness and perception.
In this way, you can train the ability of sensing what helps you to improve the posture and performance as well as injury prevention.

If you are looking for medical treatments such as X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, medicine prescription, acute wound treatment etc., please consult a doctor accordingly.

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