About Me

“How come my bruise is beautifully remaining its gigantic size and pain…..for two weeks now…..?”

 It was the first simple question popped into my head.

 I fell down from stage during a performance. The reason of pain, I do know, but lasting so long? It’s not going worse but not better either.

 From my other professional background as a dancer, I’ve experienced many different types of injury, i.e. stress fracture (bone), muscle tear (muscle), dislocation (joint, capsule), strain, sprain, back pain, frozen neck etc. etc.

 According to my pain library, it’s not bone, it’s not muscle, what else…..maybe fascia?!

 This curiosity brought me to have my first Rolfing® session.

…. ( skip my long story of 10-Series) ….

My body feels vivid and fulfilled more than ever.

 I just wanted to walk again without pain. But eventually, I’m happier both in the body and mind…..what happened to me through the journey of 10-series?

 I’d love to share with you the potentiality which Rolfing® Structural Integration brings, by helping and assisting along the journey towards your own way to blossom.

Yuko Sato

Certified Rolfer™
Freelance dancer since 2007
Ballet trainer for professionals

Other Credentials

Jikiden Reiki® practitioner
ITM Thai Traditional Massage LVL 1&2


Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
European Rolfing® Association e.V.
Rolfing® Verband Deutschland e.V.

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