Rolfing® 10er-Serie

10er-Serie, "das Rezept" von Dr. Ida Rolf

Für den ganzheitlichen Ansatz zum Wohlbefinden hat Dr. Ida Rolf über viele Jahre Behandlungsserie von 10 Sitzungen entwickelt, sogenannte „Das Rezept“.

Im Verlauf der Serie lassen sich Körperhaltung und Bewegungsmuster systematisch verbessern.

Dr. Ida Rolf widmete ihr Leben der Erforschung des Heilungspotenzials, welches im menschlichen Körper liegt.

Simply speaking, the process has three phases.

„Sleeve“, „Core“, „Integration“

Sessions 1, 2, 3

„sleeve” sessions:
working on superficial layers of fascia.

1. Open the breath
2. Feet meets the ground, the ground meets the feet
3. Lengthen the side lines, balancing front and back

SESSIONS 4, 5, 6, 7

“core” sessions:
working on deep layers of fascia.

4. Inside line connection, access the core from the bottom
5. Core from the front, resiliency of Psoas
6. Core from the back, freedom of Sacrum
7. Core from the top, awaken the five senses

SESSIONS 8, 9, 10

„integration“ sessions:

  8. Integrate the upper/lower body
  9. Integrate the upper/lower body
10. Integrate the entire body

More specific…

Session 1

Open the breath

A free and open breath prepares the body for the demands of the upcoming changes. A full breath provides support for the chest, shoulders, and neck.

Session 2

Feet meets the ground, the ground meets the feet

Opening the breath changes the physical demands on the feet, so we create flexibility and adaptability there so that the whole body can feel supported.

Session 3

Lengthen the side lines, balancing front and back

Open up the sides of the body and differentiate soft tissue of the pelvis from that of the ribs to allow the pelvis more movement options.

Session 4

Inside line connection, Access the core from the bottom

Find support through foot's inner arch up along the inner leg to the base of pelvis.

Session 5

Core from the front, resiliency of Psoas

Access the deep tissues dealing with the front of the spine and core space, focus on smooth & resilient mobility of the abdomen for the organs above the pelvis.

Session 6

Core from the back, freedom of Sacrum

Address the deep tissues of the back of the spine, free the sacrum, connect back of the legs.

Session 7

Core from the top, awaken the five senses

By woking around the head, the mouth and nose from inside and outside, we balance the head and neck atop the flexible spine.

Session 8

Integrate the upper / lower body

Solidify changes in the upper or lower body depending on the needs that present themselves. Structure and function, efficiency of the gravity use.

Session 9

Integrate the upper / lower body

Changes in the other half of the body are reviewed in light of the changes of the previous session.

Session 10

Integrate the entire body

Coordinate soft tissue movement across multiple joints so that movement can be as efficient and free as possible. Awaken the sense of the whole connection.

The goal:

The whole system as „you“, which with the systematically balanced and optimized

body structure (shape)
body function (movement)

When our natural alignment is lost over time, it causes internal stresses that can result in both physical and emotional discomfort.

Hallmark of Rolfing® SI:

The hallmark of Rolfing® SI is a standardized „Recipe“ known as the Ten-Series, which a Rolfer generally works with.

Dr. Ida Rolf has developed the recipe over many years to achieve its goal.

Holistic approach:

Instead of focusing on „parts“ only, let’s take a look at „whole“ body.

Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holdings trapped in a particular region of the body.

A Rolfer also maintains a holistic view of the client’s entire system during each session, thus ensuring that the transformational process evolves in a comfortable and harmonious way.

Process builds up:

Each session builds upon the results of the previous one, so that the results are cumulative and thematically connected.

Integrated body will bring deeper sense of ease and delight.